Let's succeed together.

NJ Rebar is one of the leading rebar contractors in Finland. The fast paced world sets up bigger demands for concrete construction: modern construction demands flexible and agile solutions. Our job is to fit our clients needs effectively, flexibly and always with uncompromised craftsmanship.

Our operations are built around respect and trust. One of the most important factors in the success of a rebar work is often clear communication. By only utilizing the same professional team from start to finish we are able to finish our projects efficiently and as planned. Our model also reduces the workload of the project contractor.

First class rebar service

Our entire operation is built on wellbeing, transparency, respect and envisionary thinking. We take good care of our personnel and encourage everyone to take initiative. We are constantly challenging the traditional operating models through respect and responsibility.

We work in the very core of construction where we are building a foundation to sustainable future. We take rebar to the heart – our mission is to constantly fit our clients needs in a more better and efficient way.


We do our work with iron craftmanship and uncompromised attitude. Each member of our staff is personally responsible for the end result.


Our expertise guarantees all our projects stay within deadlines. Efficient operations are the foundation for wealth and wellbeing – for both our personnel and our clients.


Our vast experience helps us to comprehensively understand our field of work. This understanding enables us to fit quickly into both our clients dynamic needs and possible shifts in the operating environment.

Succeeding together

By working together and valuing each others strengths, we succeed. Reliable teamwork with our co-workers, clients and collaborators leads to great results benefiting us all.

Let's build better together.

In need of a partner for your next rebar project? We are happy to tell you more about our solutions and way of collaboration. Let's make your next rebar project smooth and future-proof, together.

Let's get to work.


Osmo Töyrylä

CEO / NJ Rebar

+358 40 873 9696toimisto@njrebar.com