A lot more than just a workplace.

By working together and valuing each others strengths, we succeed. With reliable teamwork between our coworkers, clients and partners we can all achieve great results - benefiting us all.

Our mission is to help our workers to grow and develop in their careers. As well as offering a casual and open working atmosphere, we open up plenty of development opportunities within the job and beyond.

Welcome to the front row.


Our biggest asset is our motivated and skilled staff. We want to ensure our workers have possibilities in developing their skills.

We offer additional training in rebaring as well as growing into a supervising position.

We constantly map job satisfaction, quality and give out constructive feedback.

Job safety

At NJ Rebar, our attitude towards job safety is uncompromising. We follow strict safety guidelines at our sites in order to minimize risks. The safety of our workers is always our top priority.

If such accidents at work should arise, we would always clarify the events personally with the person involved. Such situation would then be processed with the whole personnel as a reference so that such events would not occur in the future.

Different kinds of job safety trainings, such as the fire- and job safety license and first aid training are an inseparable part of our actions in preventing accidents.

Our Polish workers tell their experiences in working for NJ Rebar in Finland

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