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At NJ Rebar we invest heavily in our employees’ well-being and development opportunities.  Our Excellence Training program, created together with employment pension company Ilmarinen and the leading educational institutions, is a modular training ensemble of different agencies that helps individuals advance their careers and develop themselves at work and home alike.  

This versatile training package consists of high-quality occupational guidance, self-assessment, and a variety of themes related for well-being, health and managing self and others. Details of individuals’ training modules depend on education, skills and competences and work experience and will be agreed together in the development discussions.  

Excellence Program is constantly being developed and those chosen for the program can influence it’s focus and content.

Currently available are for example:

Occupational training modules for steel fixing
Leadership and Project Management training modules in
  • ITC-tools and application
  • Microsoft 365-environment

  • Project management and Lean tools and methods

  • Mobile solutions

  • Self-Management and well-being: Stress and time management

  • First Beat well-being analysis

  • Peili behavior style training

  • HR, finance and legislation

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