Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Expansion – Terminal 2

NJ Rebar worked as the rebar contractor for the expansion of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Terminal 2.

The expansion consists of a whole new entrance with arrival- and departurehalls, public transport services and the expanded Schengen-traffic gate area.

This massive 5000 ton rebar was comissioned by Kreate/Sierak. The internationally significant project is one of the most long-term investments made by the nation of Finland.

Our challenge was to complete the project without it affecting the daily operations of the busiest airport in Finland. As many airport customers and employees move around the area, strict security measures were carefully put into place – without affecting the project schedule and quality.

COVID-19 pandemic also had an effect by reducing the availability of personnel. By careful planning, close partnership and professional management these challenges were overcome and the whole project was delivered reliably and on time.

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Osmo Töyrylä

CEO / NJ Rebar

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